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Your secret weapon

We know how important it is to have a sidekick in your life.


We are developing courses so you can have a sidekick day after day at a time that suits your schedule. We support your development through daily activities, nudges, actions, and questions to cheer you. The courses are designed to help you make daily progress towards being a more brilliant you. 

The Purpose Pursuit

Our signature course is called The Purpose Pursuit, which a journey to realising Strengths, renewing confidence and rediscovering you. It’s a tool to help you on your journey to finding your place in the world

Take the leap — Adult Edition

Sign-up — Young Adult Edition

Everyday Wellbeing — A How-To Guide for Real People

6 modules of learning and action focused on the key areas of wellbeing which will enable you to thrive; including interviews with special guests, practical tips and a wellbeing journal.

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Bonus Courses

If you want to focus on specific areas during different seasons of life, try out some of our bonus courses below!

Strengths & Careers inc. How to Write a Killer CV

Strengths in a Crisis

I loved rediscovering my Strengths. It feels like so much of the time that who I am is buried underneath a pile of washing. This gave me the chance to remember all the things I enjoy, what brings me alive, and what I contribute.

Charlotte McAuslan - Mum of 3 Boys