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The sidekick Foundation

Imagine a world where everyone gets the opportunity to reach their potential.


The sidekick foundation exists to play our part in levelling out the playing field. We reinvest 10% of all real sales (not profits) in partnerships with brilliant organisations that are working towards this vision in both local, national and global contexts.

We focus on 3 goals to help us choose our partnerships; all our partners have the same goals as we do. These are taken from the UN Sustainable Development Goals:






The sidekick foundation is not a bolt-on to our core business; it is our core business. It is key to our sense of purpose and is a major motivator for growth. We love the fact the we get to work with people and their businesses to enhance their sense of purpose and vision, and as we do so, we are partnering together to improve the outcomes for those facing the toughest challenges on the planet. 

We will regularly publish an update full of stories of hope and information on who we (that means you, too) have partnered with.

Hope Reports

We regularly publish Hope Reports to document our progress.