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You are the hero of this story. We are your secret weapon.

At sidekick, we empower you and illuminate your path so you can become an exceptional and brave leader.


There are some big egos out there in the coaching world, but we’re not one of them. This isn’t about us; it’s about you and the type of leader you want to be. We will seek to challenge you to help push you further towards growth.

We work hard to ensure you have access to a personalised combination of certified coaching, training and actionable strategies. As your sidekick, we encourage you to pursue your cause with confidence and clarity. We believe in bringing joy and pleasure to both your business and your life.

Hello and welcome to sidekick!

Did you know that your journey to becoming a brilliant leader is as unique as you are? I started sidekick because I believe for the world to progress it needs unique, brave and exceptional leaders just like you. 

I’m deeply passionate about equality, and I believe that to have a lasting impact, we need to equally be able to illuminate the paths of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access our services. That’s why every time we work together 10% is given away to our sidekick foundation.

I look forward to meeting you and becoming your new sidekick.


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The sidekick Foundation

In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to reduce economic inequalities in leadership, promote sustained and inclusive economic growth and do our part to end poverty. With this mission in mind, we started The Sidekick Foundation – a stepping stone towards a more progressive business reality. We promise to reinvest 10% of our sales to give people from underprivileged backgrounds equal access and opportunity to become brilliant and unique leaders.

This promise means that by choosing to work with us, you are also enabling other leaders and entrepreneurs facing the toughest challenges on our planet, to bring about real change in their lives and communities.

The sidekick Foundation

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