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it’s ok to take a break

If you're anything like me, there may be beliefs that you hear inside your head that drive your behaviours.

- Posted byHannah Miller

One of the tapes* that plays on repeat for me is:

“Don’t waste time. You must keep making progress. If you stop, if you don’t hustle, then someone else will take it. There might not be enough to go around. You’ll get left behind.”

You may tell me this isn’t true, and I may even agree with you. But what I DO with my time suggests that I am still very much aligned with this mentality. You see, stories we believe, messages we have heard, values we grew up with (the good, bad and ugly) find their homes in our heads and we have to actively RESIST them taking root by doing the opposite with our behaviours.

I’m not always sure there is room for me. I’m not always sure that if I don’t work hard that I have value.

Do you have any of these thought patterns, or similar ones, that drive your behaviours?

This is toxic enough on a personal level, but if we are leading teams, families, communities from these kinds of erroneous value statements, we are building our culture on the wrong foundations. Words are easy. I’m learning it is what I do that matters.

So, with this in mind, I am taking a break from socials, comms, work etc for at least the first few weeks of August. I am going to actively resist this scarcity mindset. Reset.

Your trusty sidekick will be back with the weekly sidetrack, but for now I’m taking a breather.

Before I sign off, I thought I would recommend a few great books that I have read recently in case you need some inspiration for your hols. (Please do send me your recommendations – I am all out of reading material!)

Hannah’s holiday read suggestions:

  • Peak Performance was an excellent read, so interesting, so practical. I’m actually writing a workshop based on finding purpose, and this book really shaped my thinking.
  • We recently read the entire Harry Potter series as a family. Hermione Granger is my favourite sidekick of all time.
  • I simply loved The Salt Path. A debut memoir-novel. Beautifully written, full of a part of the world that I love, and a story full of resilience and hope.
  • Bryan Stevenson’s memoir, Just Mercy, remains the most impactful book for me. Prepare to be challenged. (Film is great, book is better).
  • Finally, I am going to be reading this on unlocking leadership mindsets whilst away next week. It fits in with what we are talking about today. I’ll report back on the content in due course.

Have a wonderful August, I’ll be back soon.


Hannah x



P.S. *Does the use of the word ‘tapes’ reveal my age? Do you even know what these are, dear reader?

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