remembering what really matters

(sometimes we have to go back to the start)

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it’s not easy to prioritise yourself

(so here’s a special treat from us to help you do just that) 🎁

5 Lessons from Iceland 🏔

(you knew this was coming)

on this one, I don’t agree with the experts

(in which we don’t give up on our purpose and refuse to stay put)

why coaching isn’t the answer

(bear with me here, I know I’m a coach)

4 things to consider when people’s words hurt you

(and why you need to close the back door 🚪)

whoops I did it again 🙈

my mistakes and yours, and why it’s ok to make them

when is the right time to move on?

5 things to consider

5 ways to live and lead on purpose

(more lessons from Ben)

how to fix your weaknesses

(and a rather random claim to fame)

what is beauty, really?

this simple photo gives us the answer

news, life, and learning from it 🗞

5 questions to make today count

the importance of micro-breaks

(why you shouldn't continually slog on)

stress level = 🙀

how to judge if it’s gone too far

what season are you in? ❄️🌷☀️🍁

Hello dear reader, So much of my writing is inspired by the thoughts and reflections of the people I meet....

don’t contact me please (well not all the time) 🙊

5 tips on managing emails and texts

you had some strong opinions on this one! 😳

(this is going to be a two-parter)

how to find more everyday purpose

aka why everyone is leaving their jobs

critic, cheerleader, or coach? 📣

you need a coach – a.k.a. me

what’s your word?

a simple way to start your year on purpose

is this it?

no, it probably isn't — let me tell you why

Hope Report 4

Quarter 2 & 3 2021

The Hope Top Ten

(no Elton, Ed or sausages in sight)

this story will make you think …

the beauty of being interruptible

4 simple tips to do december well

Hello dear reader, So much of my writing is inspired by the thoughts and reflections of the people I meet....

I wish I had known this when I was younger!

warning: contains a very exciting announcement

rest and be thankful

thanksgiving for beginners 🦃

tears + teeth 😭 🦷

signs you might need to adjust the mental load

this weekend was an important reminder

more thoughts on time

six truths about time ⏱

(and not a productivity hack in sight: not this week, anyway)

don’t take it personally*

*sorry, I have (because it is)

jack knows what he is talking about

wisdom from 'This Is Us'

why can’t I seem to change? 🤷🏻‍♀️

a simple equation that might help you

how to let go

(you’re going to need some boots)

there’s a time for everything

(the key is knowing what time it is)

why you’re feeling like you do (it’s not just you) 📉

(and some things you can do about it)

does anyone know where we are? 🗺

why getting lost isn’t the end of the world and what you can do about it

what goes on irl (in real life) 😬

the Instagram version is not real life.

back to school 🏫

that September feeling is approaching...

rest 😴

7 things to know and do to help you do it well

not right now, thanks

reasons why the comfort zone has its place

at least you’ve got your health 🤪

and other really annoying things we say

are you a jack of all trades?

(being well-rounded is overrated)

learning from others

why conversations make such a difference

are you a control freak 🤪

how to compartmentalise control

don’t get your hopes up ⚽️

(sorry, but they already are)

are you living out what you value? 🤔

why knowing what matters to you, matters

happy national let it go day

what are you feeling the tug to let go of?

oh great, you’re doing so well

what to do when you don’t like your response

Hope Report 3

Quarter 1 2021

leaping to freedom

leaping to freedom