oh great, you’re doing so well

what to do when you don’t like your response

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Hope Report 3

Quarter 1 2021


leaping to freedom

leaping to freedom


can you give too much praise?

how to remember that we each have a bank balance for our recognition


your 18-year-old self

the last time I will refer to recent celebrations


the hardest bit

in which I tell a birth story


nerves and nettles

the most important thing to do in uncertainty


this image really got me thinking

empty boxes and opportunity


you’re the winner! (except you’re not)

getting it wrong and taking responsibility


great eggs-pectations🥚

how to deal with disappointments and why age 47 might be tricky


what do you think about risk?

how just one sentence got me thinking differently


hopefully a humpday highlight

(why it’s called humpday and what we can do about it)


The Imitation Game💼

five reflections from the film


the one time when segregation might be a good thing

Why 8 seconds just isn’t enough


living in the imperfect present 🕰

(in short–it takes practice)


the wall has been hit 🧱

How the scientists are recognising the personal impact of the pandemic


what mistakes are you making? 🙈

four ways to make progress even when it is going wrong


Me + ⛵️ = 🤕 + 🌊 + 🤢

What to do when the conditions are against you


facts, truth and middle-earth

“He’s got a great deal more to offer than any of you realise, including himself”


who are the happiest people on earth? 🗺

Is there anywhere you have always wanted to go?


you’re missed

Something different today.


2021 — the only way is up🙌

Let’s not be depressing and start with a positive mindset.


how to handle your perfectionism👌

it’s all about the wabi-sabi🍜


how to spot if you’re a perfectionist

in short: you probably are


lessons for your younger self⏳

in memory of Tony Hsieh


currently practising gratitude through gritted teeth😬

remember that gratitude and thankfulness is far more than a hashtag, sentiment or even a festival in America. It has a lasting impact on you and those around you


life, liberty and the pursuit of eudaimonia (a rather deep one today)

Spoiler: there's more to your fulfilment than being happy


making leadership great again

Good leadership makes all the difference.


look back (but do it right)

It tends to get quite a bad press, but looking back is no bad thing, actually - as long as we do it for the right reasons.


Leadership Foundations

Being with a leader who is comfortable in their own skin, and comfortable with their part to play, is so appealing.


have you ever had helper’s high?

It feels good when we do good, doesn’t it? Apparently, we are actually hard-wired to do good.


Hope Report 2

We are continuing to focus our efforts on specific responses to the Covid crisis, both near and far.


there is room for you

Today's message is quite simple: there is room for you.



Can we switch our fixed mindset for a growth one? Or are we stuck with our inherited disposition forever?



When busy, busy, busy turns to overwhelm


who is your sidekick?

A sidekick walks alongside you, champions you, both serves and leads you.


you can’t do it on your own

I had an awful work day last week.


i think i have got a touch of fernweh…

At the time of writing, I am just getting ready to be allowed out the house after our two-week quarantine sentence


don’t look down

I'm OK in a plane (just about), and I'm actually OK when I'm in a zip wire and I know the floor isn't that far away.


it’s ok to take a break

If you're anything like me, there may be beliefs that you hear inside your head that drive your behaviours.


i wish i’d been furloughed

Honestly (ashamedly), these words have been muttered by me a few times in this season. In exasperation, out of exhaustion, or perhaps from a bit of the-grass-is-greener-mentality.


Hope Report 1

2020 so far has been about facing a hidden enemy. Covid19 hit the world and knocked everyone off kilter.


Rest: What it is, why we need it, and how to do it right

What it is, why we need it, and how to do it right


The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun

I was out with some friends for dinner last night. We were chatting about the joys and woes of work, parenting, being busy, having stuff to do and not enough time. We were also taking a rose-tinted look at the days when our children were younger and how life seemed a little less complicated then. We hit upon a realisation.


How to grow up

I didn’t imagine the big 4-0 to really matter too much to me. I’m not even a massive birthday person, which is convenient when you share your birthday with your son, for whom birthdays are a big deal. My husband will say otherwise - he says I like to have a ‘birthday month’. But actually, all that really matters to me on my birthday is to be remembered, to be thought about in some way by those that love me the most.


Anyone else’s first week back not quite gone to plan…?

I love a good goal setting exercise. Fresh starts, new beginnings, a chance to start over and dream and reimagine. I love goals so much I enforce it on my husband and kids every year - and this year I have upped the ante and we are doing MONTHLY goals too. Poor things.


I am a control freak.

Fear & its friends (and what we need to help us through)