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what is beauty, really?

this simple photo gives us the answer

- Posted byHannah Miller

 Hello dear reader, 

This beautiful photo was taken by Francesco Malavolta.

Why did I choose the word beautiful? (and please, don’t just disengage from this if you aren’t in the pushchair-phase of life)

For me, beauty is pure, strong and generous.

So much of what we are told beauty is, is edited, fragile and selfish.

This image represents women choosing to stand and support other women who are frightened, alone and doing the best that they can in the worst of situations. It was taken in Poland, were Polish parents chose to leave their pushchairs at the station, as gifts to arriving refugee mothers, with the baskets full of supplies to get them through the next few days of what is without doubt the hardest experience of their lives. Pure, strong and generous.

Today, the day after International Women’s Day, may we all reframe what beauty is. So much of what we hear about beauty is aimed at women. How we look, act, what we wear, how we speak. External beauty fades (even with all our best efforts). But acts of beauty leave a legacy.

What kind of beautiful do we want to be? What kind of beauty do we want to encourage?

Perhaps a call to action for us all today — to call out true beauty when we see it in those around us. Anyone. Beautiful acts, beautiful choices, beautiful hearts.

The stuff that takes effort, sacrifice and preference of others.



Hannah x






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