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why coaching isn’t the answer

(bear with me here, I know I’m a coach)

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello everyone,

A question I am asked pretty much every day:

Do you do 1:1 coaching?

More specifically:

  • I’ve been really lacking confidence and feeling like an imposter recently, I was wondering if I could have some coaching sessions with you
  •  I heard you speak recently and would love some coaching as I’m feeling a little stuck/ lost/ need to make a decision
  • I’m unhappy in my job and would really like some coaching as to what to do next
  • I have a colleague that could do with some support with their confidence or to decide upon career trajectory
  • I’m returning to work after a baby/ leaving the armed forces/ hate my profession/ retiring/ feel stuck / *insert life transition* and would love some coaching.

You get the idea. Now, I’m a coach, so I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in coaching, in the same way I believe in therapy, mentoring, and so on. BUT. It only gets us so far, or, we find we need far more coaching than we might realise – which ends up endlessly expensive, both in time and money. My philosophy is that if we can have coaching support, whilst investing in ourselves, and doing some of the hard work, we get the best results.

So do I do coaching? Sort of. I believe that the best way I can help you is to bring the best from all the expertise, experiences and learning that I have, and partner that with the tools you need to equip yourself – both for the now and the future.

That’s why I designed my coaching programme and community, The Purpose Pursuit. It’s ten weeks of coaching, covering a lifetime of learning, and unprecedented support and access to me along the way. That you get to keep and refer to forever. Not a one-off conversation – but tools that mean you can coach yourself (with the help you need) to face every transition, challenge and opportunity that is sure to come your way.

I genuinely can’t do it justice in this blog and I also don’t want to give you information overload. But I will say that we’re a year and a half into the Purpose Pursuit community now (with 100% referral rate and zero refunds), and so I’ve been able to spend time refining the course by doing more learning and listening to your feedback. In a nutshell: we’ve streamlined the offer, made it more financially accessible and boosted the accountability and community to a whole new level. You’ll get access to me, my team, each other and the resources in a whole new way. You can find out more about what you will get from the course at my upcoming free intro webinars – you can sign up for more info here. I’ll answer any questions you have live, and chat you through what you can expect, from me, and from yourself.

Come along – it’ll be about half an hour of your time – it’ll mean you go into the course and community with your eyes open and expectations appropriately raised.

Future you will thank you.

See you there,

Hannah x




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