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reasons why the comfort zone has its place

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Hello dear reader,

So much of my writing is inspired by the thoughts and reflections of the people I meet. And today’s little nugget comes straight from one of the live sessions on my Purpose Pursuit course (which has recently come to a close, new cohort in the autumn).

We were talking about comfort zones, and getting out of the comfort zone. You’ll know, there is a lot to be said about moving out of our comfort zones – it’s where the magic happens, apparently. And of course, with caution, I do agree with this. But sometimes your comfort zone should be right where you stay. And one of the people in the Purpose Pursuit Community put this point so succinctly.

“I have recently been doing all sorts of things that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. But right now, it’s time for me to take a breather, to regroup, and it’s time for me to head back to my comfort zone for a while.”

You can’t live permanently outside of your comfort zone.

There are moments when you know you have to push yourself to do the hard thing, the thing your heart wants but is nervous about. The new business venture, the adventure, the choice, the relationship, the move, whatever it may be. But there are other times (which I wonder if many of you can relate to right now) where your life has taken a bit of a battering, and you just need to take stock and stay put. Do the things that you know you can do, you know that you love, you know will recharge you. It’s not the moment, it’s not the time, you don’t have it in you and neither do you want to.

The trick is, dear reader, to just make sure you don’t get too comfy.

Yes, regroup, retreat, rest and recover. But when you have done that, remind yourself that you can and have done hard things, over and over. That you know you grow when you push yourself. That as long as you get the ‘stretch zone’ just right, you can grown just outside of your comfort zone.

The wisdom is knowing whether this is the time and place.

Is it time to regroup in your place of comfort, or are you just heading out from that space and ready to try the thing that makes you just a little bit nervous?


Hannah x




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