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why giving your best is always the best idea 💡





you just never know what might come from it…

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Hello! If you’re new around here, welcome to the sidetrack, a weekly encouragement boost in the form of a story, some learning and then the all-important action.


It’s 1971, and let me introduce you to a graphic design student, Carolyn, who was struggling to make ends meet. She needed to take on some extra work, and that came along in the form of creating a business logo for a company that was then known as Blue Ribbon Sports. 

She was tasked with creating a sports logo, for a new shoe brand, that encapsulated the idea of movement. Phil, the owner of the company, paid her $35 for her work, at the rate of $2 per hour. 

Phil wasn’t totally enamoured with the design, but budget didn’t allow anymore changes, and he figured it would grow on him. 

Here’s the original design.

Recognise anything? That $35 design went on to be one of the world’s most recognisable logo designs. I felt a bit for Carolyn in all this – she clearly was a contributing factor to the global success of Nike – but it’s a good ending – in 1983 Carolyn went on to receive both a one-off diamond ring and significant company stock.


Don’t overthink things – just do it

You never know when you might be doing your best or most influential work

Giving your best to what you are doing usually works out as the right thing to do, whatever the circumstances

A C T I O N 

What on your to-do list is being held back from being done or completed because you’re just waiting on being ready/ sure/ more qualified?

Who do you need to thank for their contribution? Perhaps you overlooked it at the time and didn’t realise quite what they did.

Put this date in your diary: Weds 16th November – come to my next masterclass workshop where we look at the problem of comparison – how it holds us back, steals our joy and what on earth we can do about it.

Love, Hannah x 





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