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when your knees are knocking, do it anyway





(you never know what might happen)

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello dear reader,


I distinctly remember doing my first ever Vistage (CEO leadership) group, several years ago now. I was trundling a bag of resources across London, with a heavy dose of imposter syndrome and knocking knees to boot.

Who do you think you are, Hannah, an ex-teacher, to be speaking in an environment like this? What exactly do you have to offer?

As I went up the elevator into the room where I was going to be speaking, I had a firm word with myself in the mirror.

You’ve got less than one minute to get yourself together.

Practise what you preach.

Only you can do what you do.

There is no comparison.

Just do your best, and serve the room with all your heart.

It’s a few years down the line, now. I’m grateful I went up the elevator and didn’t just turn around and go home. Just recently, I was awarded the Vistage ‘Outperformer’ Award, for consistently scoring over 4.5/5 in my sessions.

The version of Hannah that was going up the lift a few years ago to my first group, had no idea that this could happen.


Don’t underestimate what might happen if you choose to do things that stretch you, especially in the area of your strengths.

A bit of Imposter Syndrome is pretty normal for most of us – perhaps it stops us getting comfortable or entitled?

Our experiences are valid, our knowledge is valid, environment to environment, sector to sector – don’t limit yourself to thinking your experience in one sector isn’t transferable to another.

A C T I O N 

Remind yourself of your top strengths and talents (this is where I come in if you don’t know!)


What would it look like to use these strengths in a way that feels just 10% out of your comfort zone?


It’s Thanksgiving in the USA tomorrow – where can you show gratitude for being pushed to grow and step out in the area of your strengths?

Love, Hannah x 

P.S. If you’ve got a friend that suffers from some Imposter Syndrome – why not forward them this blog as some encouragement? X

P.P.S. Save the date for my next workshop – 6th December! More details to come …

P.P.P.S We were getting ready to pose for a pic of me with my swanky award, ready for socials. In the midst of the usual mayhem in my house, doing too many things at once,  I managed to knock my award on the floor and smash it. 

Not outperforming in all areas after all.


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