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6 tips on how to make change

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello everyone, 


How are you today? We are continuing our mini-series looking at aspects of wellbeing, considering how we are doing, and pondering on how we can make positive changes in our everyday life. 


This week, it’s all about the environment. 


You might think this is a funny topic, but, actually there are two key aspects to this that directly impact our sense of wellbeing. 


  1.  the world 🌍 – there is a growing concern that many of us are feeling overwhelmed with responsibility to make changes that will impact our world and avoid climate change. What difference can I make? Does my tiny contribution really matter? What will happen to us in the future?
  2.  your space 🏡 – as we now live in this Covid-19 hybrid working world, there is a fresh recognition of the need to consider our personal environments – for both work and play we need stimulating, pleasant, replenishing spaces. Indoors, and outdoors.


Here’s three quick tips on both aspects to get you making change this coming week.


the world 🌍


  1.  pick a focus you can’t do everything, it’s not possible. So choose one aspect, for now, that you can get behind (single use plastic, recycling, waste, food, travel)
  2.  do one thing – now, choose one small change that is manageable, and embed that into your life for a whole month before making another change. 
  3.  tell someone – I don’t mean brag about it – nobody wants to hear that – but sharing habit changes impacts other people’s behaviours. Hearing stories of how others have become more sustainable has really challenged my thinking. I use depop for so many of my clothes now, thanks to my own teenagers telling me about it.


your space 🏡


  1.  pick a focus – again, decide what could do with a lift, and start there. Do you find that you don’t really get outdoors during the week? Do you work in an uninspiring atmosphere? Is it too dark? No natural light? Is it uncomfortable? Decide on one aspect to focus on. 
  2.  do one thing – again, you can’t reinvent your entire working environment and habits in one week. Choose something that you can do and that feels manageable. For me, I am focusing on stopping properly at lunch, and moving environment (i.e. not at my desk) when I eat it. 
  3.  Inspire yourself – it’s proven that connection with nature improves our creative thinking. Can you take time in your day to appreciate nature? Getting my dog out for a walk helps me with this. But actually, the data shows that even digitally looking at nature makes a marked improvement to how sparky we feel. So, if you do engage with your phone or social media in your breaks – take a look at some accounts that inspire you with beauty rather than gossip and comparison. (National Geographic is a great place to start). 


Here’s a little inspirational thought for us all to end today’s sidetrack


“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. 

Then I realized I AM SOMEBODY.” – Lily Tomlin


How can you impact your environment this week? 


I’d love to hear all about what you try out.




Hannah x





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