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have you ever had helper’s high?

It feels good when we do good, doesn’t it? Apparently, we are actually hard-wired to do good.

- Posted byHannah Miller

Have you ever had helper’s high?

No, it’s not like tennis elbow.

It’s the phrase given for the feeling we get after we behave altruistically.

It feels good when we do good, doesn’t it? Apparently, we are actually hard-wired to do good. Our bodies actually release endorphins when we behave in a way that benefits others. We feel stronger, more energetic and more motivated even after doing the smallest of things to help others. So, if you’ve felt that feeling, it’s helper’s high.

It is GOOD to do GOOD.

So, as well as the helper’s high, what else is in it for you? Let’s look at some facts:

🙌🏻  Your well-being will be 👆
When Gallup asked people with thriving well-being (the highest level) about the greatest contribution they had made in their life, with few exceptions, they mentioned the impact they have had on another person, group, or community. Not only had these individuals made a substantial contribution to something bigger than themselves, they knew that community involvement was key, too.

🙌🏻  It reduces stress
When we give, especially when we feel attached to that giving (either we know the person, or we fully connect with the cause), then our infamous amygdala diminishes in its activity. It seems, that when we think and act with others in mind, we reduce the stress and anxiety in our own mind. Win-win.

🙌🏻  You get to live longer
Incredibly, A five-year multi-institutional study discovered that giving and being unselfish protects the health and prolongs the lives of the altruistic. Sharing your stuff seems to boost your longevity.

🙌🏻  You’ll feel better about yourself
Generosity naturally improves our self confidence and keeps the inner-critic at bay (yes please!). This is simply because we have clear evidence in our actions and lifestyle that counteracts what the negative voice of doubt may be speaking. So arm yourself with some generosity next time you’re feeling a little self critical.

🙌🏻  It boosts your sense of purpose
Purpose – my favourite topic. When we give (time, money, words, resources), we connect to a sense of purpose – the time old ‘what am I here for?’ question. This is one of the clearest known ways to bring clarity to your response to that question. And people with a sense of purpose live happier, fuller, more content lives – time and time again.


So, how can we be bravely generous? Let me count the ways…

Give some time to a cause
Remember, something is better than nothing – don’t disqualify yourself because perhaps you only have an hour or so a fortnight. Offer what you have, not what you don’t.

🧠 Give your expertise
We all know people who could just do with a bit of our time. Not strategically useful people, but someone who needs a bit of help in an area that we maybe know a bit about. Just give the time with no expectation of reward (we sneakily know you’ll be rewarded anyway)

💵 Give your money
I am sure you give financially already. But have you thought about what 10% braver giving looks like? It’s easy to give from the overflow – but what about when it costs us a bit? Can I push you to think about what this kind of giving looks like? I am convinced that both you and others will find nothing but benefit from this.

📣 Give away your words
How do you feel when you’re praised, noticed, encouraged? Most of us welcome hearing (in some way, shape or form) what we do well, what people appreciate about us. How often do we remember to tell others? Be generous with your words. It just is not true that they must be few and far between in order to have deep meaning to others. Be generous with your words.

Here at sidekick, we are trying to demonstrate brave generosity by giving away 10% of sales to support those facing the most disadvantage on this planet. I believe that I have a responsibility to level the playing field and give brilliant people the opportunities they deserve.

Sidekick’s giving focuses around these 3 UN goals:






If you’d like to read more about who we have been supporting this year, head over to the latest Hope Report and see which fantastic people and organisations we are partnering with. From masks in Kenya to food in Brum, people are doing some wonderful things in challenging times. It’s awesome to be involved. When we work together, this is what we help to make possible.
The hope report is just a start – in the years that come, I hope to be able to do so much more than this.
But we start somewhere, and that’s how we make progress.
So, let me leave you with this big question…
What does being 10% braver with your generosity look like today?
Let me know how you take up this challenge.

Hannah x



P.S Fun facts – do you know:
• Which country’s residents are most likely to donate to charity?
• Which country’s residents are most likely to volunteer their time?
I’ll tell you in next week’s blog 😉

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