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currently practising gratitude through gritted teeth😬

remember that gratitude and thankfulness is far more than a hashtag, sentiment or even a festival in America. It has a lasting impact on you and those around you

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I’m joyfully writing this from my son’s laptop as I have just spectacularly poured an entire cup of tea over mine.

My laptop is brand new. This week I have been harping on about practising gratitude and so I guess I am having a moment to practise what I preach. I suppose I can be thankful that son number two is at school (for once – he’s had three periods of isolation this term) and he has a laptop I can borrow. My laptop is now in the ‘tent position’ and being left off for two days as instructed by The Internet.

I’ll report back next week.

So yes, this week, with the upcoming thanksgiving festivities state-side, I have turned my attention to appreciation. It’s quite an in-vogue concept at the moment. You can get yourself a gratitude journal (if you fancy one, I’m giving two away, one for you, one for a friend – head to Insta or Facebook to join in), you can have it tattooed on your arm if you prefer or use the hashtag #blessed at every opportunity.

But amongst the hype and hyperbole, there is something in it. Brené Brown says so, so it must be true.

Let’s start with the problem that gratitude fixes. Ever said or felt any of these?

Now you may have felt none of these. I think 95% of us have. And if we are not careful, they become not just thoughts and feelings, but habits, attitudes and a way of life. These kind of thoughts have a way of creeping. They creep in and creep up and before we know it they have made their home in our minds, thinking and behaviours. Why is this a problem? Well if that wasn’t obvious, it’s not good for you to always feel a sense of lack, and wanting, and scarcity (as Ms Brown calls it). It will impact upon your well-being, your expectations and ultimately the people around you.

I am quite aware that certain things trigger this thinking in me.  And it is not something I want in my mind, let alone the example I want to set to my family and my work colleagues. So, once you recognise this isn’t a good place to be (although it might be a soothing, well-worn groove in your mind), we have to do something about it.

Here’s some ideas for you to try. They will relate to you, family and the work situation. I am picking my favourites:


Do that once or twice, and poof! Problem solved. Joke. It takes a lifetime, but the difference people see after following this practice for just 30 days is quite astonishing.


And by the way, there is zero evidence that regular praise means it is less valued. Remember the individual, recognise their Strengths, be as specific as you can be. That’s how to give recognition. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be recognised. Set clear goals and objectives so that you have clear parameters in order to praise. Right now, in Covid-19, it’s even more important to remember the well done. People are juggling a whole lot of extra uncertainty and family stuff as well as their work.


There are so many more ideas, but I think that will do for today. I asked you on socials for your ideas and you can find them all collated on my social media post today.

To close, remember that gratitude and thankfulness is far more than a hashtag, sentiment or even a festival in America. It has a lasting impact on you and those around you. Go tell someone what you are thankful for right now. Send that quick text, send that email (by the way, I love hearing how these emails are helping you all – thanks for taking the time to tell me, too! If you really enjoy them, please consider forwarding to a friend or colleague or two – it really helps me, and of course hopefully helps them too!)


Hannah x



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