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nerves and nettles

the most important thing to do in uncertainty

- Posted byHannah Miller

It’s been a busy time here at sidekick HQ

We’ve launched the newest cohort of The Purpose Pursuit. On top of that excitement, my eldest turned 18 and so I am officially the parent of an ADULT. This is quite a thing as I’m only 22 myself. OK, OK, 23.

So, this week I am going to keep it brief (I know, I regularly say this and it turns into an essay). But I have just one thought, or, I guess one piece of advice that I would like to share with you that I believe will be relevant to where many of you are at right now. It’s been a lesson that I have been personally reminded of in recent weeks.

Hold your nerve.

Maybe you’re trying to change careers, heading out to interviews, but so far the job hasn’t come along.

Perhaps you’re launching a new business. You’re ready to open the doors, but will anyone actually buy what you’ve put your heart and soul into?

You could be planning a new adventure, moving house, moving cities, starting over.

Maybe you’re taking a big old risk.

Perhaps you’re having to hold on tight to your convictions.

You’re just heading into something new and inside you feel daunted, excited, anticipating.

In this moment, as you risk it, as you transition, it is so uncomfortable (more on transition another week). You feel vulnerable and exposed, longing for the safety of the shore, the known way, the comfortable, the secure, the safe. That little boat that you so confidently set sail in is starting to look like a highly inadequate vessel in the middle of a significant storm. A little bit of doubt is turning into a whole lot of fear.

But please stop for a moment and remind yourself: you’ve done the work, you’ve fully prepared, taken those bold first steps and now you need to back yourself just a little bit. Whatever the outcome, going backwards and playing safe is not an option now. You need to see it through. And by the way, whatever the outcome – none of it is a validation of your worth. So, to share a few classic idioms to make my singular point today,

Hold your nerve.

Grasp the nettle.

Keep the faith.

Screw your courage to the sticking place*

In whatever situation this is relevant to you, let me encourage you this morning to hold on and see it through. I’m pretty sure heading back to shore isn’t the answer.


Hannah x



*that last one was a bit of Shakespeare, Macbeth to be exact.

Macbeth: If we fail?

Lady Macbeth: We fail. But screw your courage to the sticking place, And we’ll not fail.


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