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no, it probably isn't — let me tell you why

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello reader,

I was reading a brilliant round-up of the most underwhelming news articles. Here’s a few of my particular favourites.

Nothing much to see here. Nothing you’d describe as riveting, exciting or newsworthy. Yes, they made me smile, but it’s a pretty dismal excuse for news. 

I wonder if you feel a little bit like that about your life as you head into 2022. Nothing particularly riveting going on, nothing especially exciting about your life, nothing newsworthy to report back on. Sometimes the way life has turned out and the way our days unfold can feel repetitive, lacking in direction and well, underwhelming. That’s not to say there isn’t so much you love about your life and so much that you are indeed grateful for. Of course, there is always so much to be thankful for. But, perhaps at times, you wish that slightly disappointing and lacking-in-confidence headline could be replaced with a caption full of courage and energy. Something with direction and positivity.

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to help you, and I believe that I can. I’ve spent my professional life supporting hundreds of people to make meaningful change in their lives, and, without doubt, I know that it can be achieved. If you want to invest in yourself, and you know it’s time to put some effort in so that the headlines of your life feel very different, then I’d love to invite you to join my free masterclass, The Can-Do Formula.

In this session we will discover:

 The Diary Hack tells you what one thing reveals your purpose (hint: you’re looking at it right now…)
 The only thing you need to focus on that actually makes a difference in your life
The 5 Strategies that uncover your unique strengths and set you up for a life of purpose

So if you’d like that help, if you want to start this year as you mean to go on, then sign up here for a free spot at my masterclass. I’ll give you some tips and tricks that you’ll be able to work with straight away, and I’ll tell you more about what you can do to make real change that lasts. 

The masterclass is running at various dates and times until mid-Jan, sign up for free and start the year on purpose. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing at all to lose.

Let’s start the year by together focusing on what you Can-Do, rather than what you can’t.


Hannah x

P.S. Last we talked about our words for the year — have you settled on yours yet?









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