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(no, they don't)

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Hello dear reader,


Welcome back to your Wednesday dose of encouragement in the form of a story, some learning and some action. 


A good chunk of my time is spent coaching 1:1 and I reckon that I should get myself a ‘things people say to me in coaching’ bingo card, because there are a few comments that I seem to get on repeat. As you will know by now, I use a Strengths™️-based approach to coaching, it’s based in positive psychology and involves holding a mirror up to the individual that you are coaching to enable them to see their unique strengths so that they can develop these intentionally and live and lead in the way they are meant to. But often, in that process people utter these five words to me.

“But doesn’t everybody do that?”

And the answer to that, dear reader, is no. No, they really don’t. You just think that they do because it comes so naturally and so easily to you. I speak to enough people to have a lot of evidence to back up this claim – no two of us are the same.

Perhaps you underplay your talents because you don’t realise that they are one of unique strengths – the way you are wired – the way you get things done, the way you think, the way you lead and the way you build relationships. Please don’t underestimate your unique brilliance by thinking that everyone does what you do, because they don’t.



A C T I O N 


Do you know your CliftonStrengths™️? 

If no – it’s time to find out! Get in touch with me and I’ll point you in the right direction 🙂


If yes – pick just one of your top 5, spend some time re-reading your report for that strength, and set yourself an action that purposefully pushes you to invest and grow in that area – for the good of you, and the good of those around you. 



Hannah x





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