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making leadership great again

Good leadership makes all the difference.

- Posted byHannah Miller

It’s election week in the US and whether you’re American or not (I’m not) we are all taking a keen interest.

And of course, a presidential election should be all about leadership, so let’s talk about that this week because I think it’s something we will all be able to agree on.

Good leadership makes all the difference.

Before we go any further, please keep in mind what I am always saying which is that we are all called to lead. Leadership simply means being someone that others follow. So, whether you are doing that in the home, in the community, in the workplace: you lead.


There’s so much good stuff on what leadership looks like. This week’s sidetrack is going to be more of a round-up of a few of things I’ve found useful.

👉 A while back, I wrote a longer piece on how I believe that security is the real foundation of good leadership. It seemed to really hit the nail on the head for a lot of people over on LinkedIn – if you’d like a read you can read it here.

👉 Navy seals, performance, trust. This brilliant, to the point, and amusing short video from Simon Sinek has been doing the rounds and I can understand why.

👉 I recently led a webinar and we centred some of our thinking on what level of leadership we have reached. Are we leading just because someone has given us a title? As in, do people only do as we tell them because they have to? (this even applies to the mini tyrants in our life called toddlers). Or, have I developed the track record, the results, the relationships that mean people follow me because they choose to? (Something those of us with older children are hoping for). John Maxwell has something to say on this that’s really made me think about my own leadership.

👉 The key to brilliant leadership isn’t being brilliant. But it does start with knowing what you’re brilliant at (and what you’re not so brilliant at). Then, build a team around that knowledge – one that’s not full of echo-chamber yes men/women but instead full of complementary, challenging, supportive leaders. I love tools that help us discover this because that’s half the battle. In my humble opinion (and that of 25 million others) the best one is CliftonStrengths. I love it so much that I became an accredited coach and use it with all my clients from the individual to the corporate. If you’ve not yet taken your Strengths assessment, do! Then, invest, practice, build upon those raw talents and make them superb.

👉 If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to watch the theatre production Hamilton, I’d encourage you to give it a go – you can watch it on Disney+ at the moment. Here’s a clip of Hamilton at the White House, the cast performing for Obama (the song on this clip is about Washington choosing to step down and end his presidency – definitely one of my favourites – made me cry at the theatre!). It’s an excellent retelling of the story of Alexander Hamilton – an interesting, highly imperfect example of leadership. You see how his mistakes impact upon his legacy but also how his mind, his drive and his inability to let his humble beginnings hold him back enabled him to achieve so much.

👉 A compelling argument as to why character still really matters in leadership, and why the ancient stoics would be aghast at our leaders in 2020.


I think that’s quite enough from me for today.

But as we get ready to hear the presidential news from across the pond, I am reminded of one of my favourite quotes from one of our own politicians, and it is something that we could do with keeping in mind this week (and every week).

“We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us”

Jo Cox, MP


Hannah x



P.S. Something slightly ridiculous to complete the round up. Take this quiz to get a really truthful answer to the question, ‘which world leader are you most like’? It’s 100% accurate.

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