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why shopping ‘til you drop won’t make you happy

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello everyone, 

How are you today? We are continuing our mini-series looking at aspects of wellbeing, considering how we are doing, and pondering on how we can make positive changes in our everyday life. 

This week, it’s all about money. 

We don’t really talk about money, do we? Maybe we talk about how to save money, and the latest Martin Money Saving Expert tips, but do we really talk about its impact on our wellbeing?

And we need to: because the way we use and view money has a big impact on our sense of wellness.

I talked to my dear friend, accountant, Strengths coach, and personal finance expert Justin about all matters money and there was one thing that we just kept coming back to – when it comes to wellbeing, there are good ways to spend, and not so good ways to spend. 

So many sociological experiments have been carried out on how people spend their money, and the impact that has on self and well-being. Every single one draws the same conclusion: spending on self and stuff does not boost your wellbeing, but spending on others and memories does.

Obviously, we do need to spend on stuff and we can buy ourselves things that bring us joy. New stationery brings me joy. New trainers bring my sons joy. But they just do not address our wellbeing in a meaningful way. That post shopping high just fades pretty quickly (regardless of the size of purchase) and we find ourselves needing another as soon as we can to give us that boost we are looking for. Stuff can’t do that for you.

But if you choose to spend on others, or on memories, you will impact your wellbeing for the long haul. 

Going back to the research, the amount doesn’t matter so much. It’s the intention and direction. Shall I have a new dress, or go out for dinner with a friend? Shall I get my nails done, or shall I pay for someone else to get their nails done? (Or we could both go get our nails done and everyone wins). 

Please hear me – stuff is not wrong. Stuff can be very nice actually (planning on new sofas for my lounge this year). But the sofas WILL NOT boost my wellbeing. Not for more than a day or so of excitement. Because then I have to pay for them. And then someone will spill a drink on them. And then I may like someone else’s new sofas better than mine. And then that’s it. But a trip to the theatre with my son. That’s in my heart forever. No one can spoil it or take it away from me.

Let’s work to get the balance right – or at least stop expecting our stuff to meet our needs. I mean when you put it like that it’s just ridiculous. 

What can you do differently with your resources this week?

I’d love to hear about your acts of generosity or beautiful experiences. 


Hannah x

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