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how to stay in your lane 🎽(join me tonight!)

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Hello dear reader,


When the boys were little, I made a conscious decision to do my best not to engage with parental competition. Those of us who are parents will recognise it straight away, it’s conversations, posts, comments that push forward the achievements of their children. On one level, there is nothing wrong with this, who doesn’t want a parent to be proud of them? But I knew that it would feed a part of me that I just didn’t want to grow.

Competition. Comparison. When you enter the race, you have to play the game. And I didn’t want to play that game. Whether it was saying first words, walking first steps or GCSE results, I have tried my best to avoid colluding with my in-built desire to compare and to win. I’ll tell the nearest and dearest, shout it to the rooftops to them, praise my children to their faces, but I am working hard not to post something on the internet that’s really about me. For me to stay in my lane, I have to get out of the game.


Seeing other people’s celebrations isn’t always easy – but it’s so good for the soul to give away praise and encouragement

We need to think about why we are posting something or saying something – what is it we are trying to communicate?

Looking elsewhere makes the grass look greener – but the grass is greener where you water it.

A C T I O N 

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Love, Hannah x 

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