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4 ways to do life and work

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello dear reader,

You may not know this, but I have had a business partner since the get go. I feel quite bad, really because she rarely gets the acknowledgement she deserves – she’s not even on the team page (must rectify this). She’s not your usual business partner, I couldn’t say she’s a silent one, but she communicates in a way like no other. Her name is Pax, and she’s my dog. 

*cue shameless cute dog pic here*

OK, she’s not quite a business partner, but she is pretty special. I think that there’s plenty that we can learn from a dog about how to live and do business. Here’s a few things that she’s taught me along the way. 

🐾 be in it for others

Dogs are the living definition of pure in heart. They care just because – without expectation, without hope of return on their investment, but because they put other people at the centre of their choices. A good question we could ask ourselves on a regular basis might be – what’s my motive? Why am I doing this? What am I hoping to gain? How can I serve this person/ situation today?

🐾 be patient with others

OK so to be fair she’s not always patient. In fact when it comes to food, or waiting for me to open the back door she’s far from it. But with people? Everso. When Zo started to work for me, she just wasn’t so sure about Paxy. But, Pax adjusted her style around Zo, gave her a little more time, a little more room to be ready to trust her, she waited until she was ready to accept her. And now, Zo is a Pax-convert. They have a sweet little thing going on. A question for us – where could I show a little more patience? How can I be making more room for someone else’s view?

🐾 appreciate the little things

I remember the first time I got a piece of work for my brand-new business. I remember signing in at the reception and typing in the name of my business, and printing out my name badge. I was so excited, so proud, so grateful. Several years on, it’s easy to forget things like this, wanting more, wishing for bigger and better things and not taking the time to appreciate the moment, the simple things, the way life is right now. Pax appreciates her dinner every day – even though she gets fed the same thing day in, day out. She is just as excited by a walk in the park as she ever was. There’s something in that – what we have right now, the simple things, are worth appreciating. 

🐾 not everyone is going to like you – be your best, anyway

Some of you reading this are not dog lovers at all. Not even open for conversion, like Zo was. Some of you are cat people and that is that. Pax would choose to be her best self anyway. She is who she is, even if she isn’t your cup of tea. That’s ok. Her sense of self worth isn’t impacted by how you feel about her – what a gift! I think we could do with remembering, in both life and in work, that not everyone is going to like us. Not everyone is going to choose you, or to work with you. And if that’s the case – be your best self anyway, bring your best anyway. Each situation warrants your best self regardless of the reaction you get. 

I could go on – having Pax around means I am reminded of the need to be present, to demonstrate gratitude every day and how each person is worthy of my time and attention. In a world full of dog-eat-dog (how did that phrase come about?) – let’s be more Pax.


Hannah x



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