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the second thing you need to do before you start making new plans

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello reader, 

It’s officially the last day of August. Summer is a goner. How has it been for you? I hope you have had some moments to enjoy the summer pace, step away from your responsibilities and enjoy the season. Tomorrow is September. Now, I have many reasons to love this month not least because it’s my birthday month, but it also is a time of new starts, don’t you think? Right about now parents all over the UK are prepping new school uniform, stationery, shoes and the like. The parents more like me are realising that they still don’t have any trousers for their son and are frantically hoping Next delivery won’t let them down… 

But we all head off into September, whatever our age and stage with a desire to have a clean slate. Time for growth and change and new beginnings. But, if you can recall my sentiments from last week, if we’re not careful, we run the risk of moving straight into busy mode, being hit round the face with the onslaught of the new term and we find ourselves right back in the same old same old. I suggested last week that there were two key things to do to avoid this merry-go-round. The first, was the need to stop and take stock. Not just stop and have a rest, but also have a good review and reflection. And when you’ve done that, there is a second stage you need to do before you get going. 

Make a plan of action.

I’m sorry to say, a new approach, a change in our behaviour, an adjustment to our autumn will not happen from wishful thinking alone. We need to prioritise, plan, and then act. 

 🎯 Prioritise

Not everything can be a priority. Sorry to break it to you. As much as I would like to be a sub 20 minute 5km runner, have an immaculate home, grow the business, be present for my children, be beautifully turned out every day, do one hour of yoga daily, see my friends three times a week, read every day, be involved in multiple charitable endeavours, get up at 5am and have an hour to myself, stay up late and burn the midnight oil, learn how to play the harp (I’d actually really like to do this – I once asked my nan if she’d buy me one when she offered to buy me a third instrument but I got given a saxophone instead), learn to speak French, etc etc – I CAN’T. And you can’t. Not all at once. You could pick one or two of these things to fit into a busy lifestyle, but not all of them. 

Hand on heart – what’s the top priority for change this coming term?

Think about what needs to be ruthlessly ignored therefore.

  🎯 Plan

Having one to five key priorities is a good start, but then you have to decide how they are going to fit into your life. You may like to live spontaneously, or at least without too much rhythm, and that’s totally up to you – but the stark reality is that it is very difficult for us to do the things that don’t shout for immediate attention if we don’t make the planned priorities. Look at your week, or month, or day (depending on your personality) and block out when these new priority areas are going to take place. 

🎯 Act

Sounds obvious, but must be remembered – planning is one thing, and many of us feel good when we make a plan. Trouble is, we need to actually enact the plan. Don’t let yourself feel too much joy in the plan – reserve the joy for the event. Give yourself mini-rewards and moments of congratulation along the way. But actually act out the plan – bit by bit. Who might be able to help keep you accountable, keep you company along the way? When might you build in some review moments to help you stay on track, or get back on track?

So, as well as spending some time reflecting on the previous season, take an hour or so to prioritise, plan and then begin to act. You’ll increase your chance of success tenfold if you do. As many have said before me – fail to plan, plan to fail… 

Would you like some help and accountability with this? If so, come and join me on 5th Sept at 8pm. I’ve been planning some new content to help you do just this very thing in more detail. I’ll guide you through an hour of input so that you can plan the next term for a win. In just one hour of your time, I promise you will be in a better place to face what is ahead of you. Carve one hour out to spend with me to set your intentions and set yourself up for success.  Click here to register for the New Term, New You Webinar!

See you on Monday, 

Hannah x

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