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(so here’s a special treat from us to help you do just that) 🎁

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Hello dear sidetrack-er,


We have some incredibly exciting news for you today that has the potential to really make a difference to your life. 

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, and as we are all becoming increasingly aware, it’s crucial that we take care of our minds and our mental health – whoever we are, whatever age or stage of life, mental health is part of our lives. So, what better week to launch our new programme to support you in your journey towards a more balanced, happy, healthy life…


Everyday Wellbeing: A How-To Guide for Real People


Now, I am not a wellbeing expert. In fact, I am not sure that there is such a thing – countless research shows that wellbeing covers many aspects of our lives and that they all need our time and attention in order for us to flourish: we can’t be an expert in everything (sorry).  

I am in the same boat as many of you are – we’re everyday, real people living out busy and sometimes complicated lives with numerous pressures on our time and energy – really wanting to invest in our wellbeing and not always knowing where to start.  

And so, I set out to solve this problem in the best way I know how: using my Strengths. 

I connected with some amazing people: I gathered some of the best experts and picked their brains. I asked them the right kinds of questions and made sure their advice was grounded in real life, practical, doable change. I ensured it was rooted in research, science, and that it would be applicable to your everyday life. Progress matters to me, and I wanted you to be able to see the change your making, so we’ve designed a wellbeing tracker that you can use to assess where you are at and use time and again to see how the changes you’re making boost your wellbeing. I listened carefully to the experts so that I
could communicate the key messages – each module has expert interviews and a summary teaching video with all the main learning recapped for you.

And, we made it beautiful – it’s filmed on location, with a stunning journal and habit tracker for you to use to monitor your progress and write your reflections.

After research, we chose 6 key aspects of wellbeing to focus on:







The course is designed to be revisited, over and over again (because who completes their wellbeing?) and is yours to keep forever*. 


Oh, and are you a business owner or leader? We’ve got some very competitive bundles for you if you’d like to use this to meaningfully support your team’s wellbeing (a manicure or massage just doesn’t cut it for the long haul). Get in touch and we’ll give you something bespoke to suit your needs. (If you work in the charity sector, get in touch (hit reply) because we want to support you, too, as best we can.)




Hannah and the team



*Forever is a long time. As long as the programme and digital platform exists, it’s yours. 






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