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purpose: the elusive concept 🦄



four real life steps towards purpose (and why it matters)

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Hello everyone,

This is the last instalment of our mini-series looking at the six key areas of wellbeing that you’ll find inside my course, Everyday Wellbeing.

We’re finishing off with a favourite of mine, yes, you’ve guessed it, purpose

TLDR: having a sense of purpose is good for you. It is proven to be linked with a longer, happier life and better overall physical health. Outstandingly, studies have shown that a higher sense of purpose also correlates to a reduced risk of disability, stroke, heart disease, sleep issues and other health problems. So – it’s worth knowing what it is, and investing in it.

What is purpose? It’s such a grand word but for me, living with a sense of purpose can be summarised as such:

knowing what you love, understanding what you are here for, and having the courage and opportunity to actually go ahead and do it, for the good of both yourself and others – every day. 

How do you feel about that statement? Let’s break it down.

1. knowing what you love 🖤

I spend my life looking at this with individuals, teams and organisations. As Marcus Buckingham said, when we know what we love, what we enjoy, we find clues to our talents. And within our talent we pick up elements of purpose. The wisdom of the body, the things we are drawn towards show us what we have the potential to be brilliant at, and where we should be investing our time and energy. What are you looking forward to? What, that you did this last week gave you real satisfaction? Make a ‘I loved it’ list and a ‘I endured it’ list – both are useful!

2. understanding what you are here for 🌍

This is not meant to be pressuring – more, releasing – there are things that you are here to do. Things that only you can do. I tend to think of this like a purpose statement, and in my Purpose Pursuit Course we work hard to craft one. But, the idea is something that works across your life, not related to the current assignment you have, more about what you bring to every assignment that you are involved with (any job, role, in your personal life, your parenting and so on). What do you value? What words might people use to specifically describe you? What do you bring, and what do you need? Try writing a statement to cover this as a guide for your life. 

3. Having the courage and opportunity to actually go ahead and do it 🦁

When we know more about our purpose, the next big hurdle is doing something about it. Imposter syndrome, comparison and a lack of confidence can really get in our way our even knowing where to start. This is a biggie, but I have two things to suggest.  What do you have to lose? What is the worst than can happen? Where can you start – because often doing something is the best thing you can do. 

4. For the good of yourself, and others 🙌

This bit of research backed up what I intuitively knew already. The happiest people on earth, those with the highest levels of well-being, whatever the demographic, made sure that they gave back – they did things for others, they were connected to their community. When you channel your sense of purpose in an outward direction, it’s a win-win situation.  As you lift others, you get a pick-me-up, too. Use your talents and strengths to do some good and it’s good for you, too. What do you love to do, and how can you use that for the benefit of others? How can you use your strengths and talents to boost the wellbeing of those around you? 

I may have shared this quote before, but it’s great so it’s coming at you again.

“A Life spent chasing the mythical state of being able to do everything is less meaningful than a life of focusing on a few things that count.”

– Oliver Burkeman

What are the few things that count for you? 

Do drop me a line and let me know your ponderings as I love to hear them,


Hannah x

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