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how to get your imagination back

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello again dear reader. 

As I write, we have just finished another cohort of the Purpose Pursuit. For those of you that don’t know what it is, in a nutshell it is my signature online coaching and education programme, designed to intensively support personal growth. It gives people the chance to focus on their strengths, grow their confidence and make meaningful changes so that the everyday juggle they face is worth the hassle.  

Every time we run it, we get 100% recommend ratings. People’s lives really do change, partly because of the content, and partly because of their efforts and intention. We are, if I’m honest, pretty proud of it. 

But the reason I mention it today, is because I want to tell you about its origins. I had wondered for quite some time about moving into the online coaching and learning space but just hadn’t found the momentum or impetus to do it. There were several factors that led to the creation of the Purpose Pursuit – but one big one, which I want to mention to you today, is SPACE.

Not outer space, but the time and space to step away, recharge and then be able to think clearly. I was actually on holiday in France when I distinctly remember the concept of The Purpose Pursuit coming together in my mind. Having time away from the daily grind, the laptop, the responsibilities was just what I needed to give me the brain-space and confidence to begin to push some doors. I sent a brave text from France that got the ball rolling – a ball that was bigger and more challenging than any of us realised – but a brilliant one nevertheless. 

You see, it’s not easy (read: almost impossible) to do our best thinking when we are at max capacity of mental load. Most innovative moments don’t happen when we’re at breaking point. Now – don’t get me wrong – huge breakthroughs often come from times of crisis, yes, but – to have the actual brainpower and creative space to (re)imagine and (re)invent we need some rest. You need to step away, and make some space – and that’s not just about holidays. We are working hard at sidekick to have ‘email-free’ days/ half-days where we connect and strategise beyond the here and now pressures. And an hour here and there just won’t cut it – you need proper disconnection from the to-do list in order to access this kind of thinking. 

Interestingly, ‘active rest,’ a concept discussed in Alex Soo-Pang’s book, is when we have the majority of our best ideas – walking, taking a shower, having a swim and so on – and I can vouch for this – so many personal epiphanies when walking my dog!

So, here’s my questions for you to ponder this week.

  1. Are you having enough time to rest your brain, to recharge and make space for that next big idea?
  2.  What does active rest look like for you?
  3.  How much of your time is spent looking down the line, and not just meeting the demands of today?

It’s not easy – but it is so worth it. The spark definitely comes when we step away and recharge.

If you want some help with planning your autumn for success, I am hosting a free webinar on 5th Sept, 8pm UK time. More info to follow but I will give you some tips and strategies to boost your autumn and set you up for success from the get-go. 


Hannah x

P.S. – I wrote in more detail about Alex’s book in this blog.

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