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Hello! If you’re new around here, welcome to the sidetrack, a weekly encouragement boost in the form of a story, some learning and then the all-important action.


At the risk of sounding smug (and I really don’t want to sound smug because I know better than anyone how rubbish I am at keeping to habits), one of the best small (but important) tweaks I have made in recent weeks is to stop charging my phone in my bedroom (about 90% success rate). This means, I am not engaging in socials, emails, news, other people’s lives first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 

There has genuinely been a stark improvement in my thinking and state of being.

I’m coming to realise that filling my brains with everyone else’s priorities and projections at these points of the day is not helpful. It pushes me towards a feeling of lack, of comparison, or dissatisfaction. It sets the tone for the day in a way I do not want or desire and I have got to recognise the impact of my decisions to make this better, or worse. I need to stop colluding with messages that leave me feeling lesser, and learn to engage with all this information (and disinformation) in a way that works for my good.


Social media, the news and advertising is designed to make you feel lacking and to make you compare

Comparison is a normal thing to do – but we have to learn to ensure it does not lead our lives and our thinking 

We can make choices so that we engage with messages with that are HELPFUL – if it isn’t helping – stop looking at it (or mute it)

A C T I O N 

🎯 Come to my newest workshop –

THE GRASS IS GREENER: How to live free of comparison 

It’s on 16th November, 8pm

Sign up, get the details here.

Love, Hannah x 

P.S. I have been hinting on my social media (@hannahloumiller) about a very exciting new initiative we have been beta testing – if you come along to the workshop, at the end, you’ll be able to hear all about it, plus receive a special gift from me 🎉





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