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why you need some timestamp photos

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello reader, 


We found this photo on my camera roll the other day. It’s not a classic, nevertheless it is very special to me. 

I took this photo of myself, to mark the moment, but also to send it back to my family. It was taken exactly seven years ago today, and I was just about to walk into what was the Gallup offices and begin my training to become a certified CliftonStrengths™️ coach. 


I was out of my comfort zone. I was away from home for a week (and in that phase of my life that was highly unusual). I was excited. I was so looking forward to getting a week of high-quality training. I was nervous. This training had cost us a significant amount of money at a time when I was phasing out of my secure job in education and my husband was also on the cusp of moving on from his, too.


I look back at that photo, and to be honest, I now feel very different emotions.


I feel proud. Proud that we took the leap as a family, yet again, into something pretty risky, and that I decided to go for it and set out on a new career direction with very little plan and trajectory but a clear sense that I wanted to more intentionally support people and teams towards the direction of their best – for the good of themselves, and those around them. I know I needed training and I knew that Gallup would do that best. I look back and know that this decision to train was the right one – and that the cost involved meant that I valued it. 


I feel grateful. Grateful that there were enough people around me (because I’m not always brilliant at backing myself, if I am honest) that nudged me towards this, knew that it was time for me to do something else and weren’t bothered about encouraging me down the road of security and safety. (Please note that I know there are times for security and safety, but this just wasn’t that time). I’m grateful for all those early clients, those early adopters, those cheerleaders on the side that gave their time, energy, words and wisdom to get me going and give me work.


I also feel overwhelmed, if I’m honest. Both because of how far we have come in seven years – I think about all the coaching, the training, the speaking, the courses. I remember the pandemic, the loved ones we have lost since this photo was taken, the pain and tears I have cried since this photo, the letting go moments, the crushing disappointment moments, the winning moments, the growth of the team, the fact my family is growing up, that time is marching on. I feel overwhelmed with all manner of thoughts and emotions when I look at that photo knowing it was a week where my life took a different direction. 


What might life have looked like here in 2022 if I hadn’t said yes to this new opportunity? What might I be doing now? It makes me wonder about the moment I am in now, and what I need to be saying yes to in this season so that if I look at a photo of my life today, on the 7th September 2022, in another seven years time, it conjures up the same kinds of emotions and reflections as this simple selfie does. 


Over to you.  


What were you doing seven years ago? When you look back to that season, what were its hallmarks? What emotions encapsulate that period of your life? What do you learn about yourself when you look back at that time? The good and the not so good is all worth considering. 


Take a photo today. Put a timestamp on this day. Remember what you were doing, and what you were feeling. Is it time to make a change? Is it time to say yes to something that might open new doors for you, and those that you love? Is it time to dig in and keep going, perhaps you know that the right thing to do is to keep on keeping on, and that in seven years time you want to be proud that you didn’t lose heart or faith in the endeavour.


I must sign off as there is much to do here because it’s most definitely a special week here at sidekick HQ. Many a photo will be taken tomorrow. Our dear Zo is getting married! A timestamp moment for her, one of the biggest and best decisions of her life, a day full of excitement and anticipation – their whole lives together spanning out ahead of them. 

We can’t wait to cheer her on.




Hannah x


P.S. If you want to hear a bit more about my story, have a look here.


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