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what’s your word?

a simple way to start your year on purpose

- Posted byHannah Miller

Hello reader,

So do you know what the word of the year is? I love things like this, and apparently depending on the source there are a few final words for 2021. (There are a few choice words I might use, to be honest, but let’s skip over that).

Oxford dictionary chose VAX, and along similar lines, Marriam-Websiter chose VACCINE. For dictionary.com  it was ALLYSHIP and Cambridge went for NFT (this stands for non-fungible token — I mean, I don’t yet understand fungible tokens, let alone the non-fungible sort? It is honestly beyond me – this is a useful article to help us all). We had a friend over for dinner this week and he was doing his best to explain what it was was, people buying digital art, essays, tickets, and so on: I am none the wiser.

Now, this is all interesting enough, but rather retrospective. Let’s look ahead to 2022.

What would you like your word of the year to be? Your personal word for the year? I do this practice every year, and have done for quite a few now. Last year the word was PRESENT, the year before my word was FOCUS. What will be the word that I use to help me manage my time, my choices, my decisions, as I head into this next chapter? What one word describes my key goal, my hope for change, my desire to be different, my area for challenge? I like this one word idea (it’s not my own idea, I don’t know where it originates (although this could be it), if such a thing can originate anywhere, but I do know the likes of Brene Brown and Oprah do it).

At the time of writing, I am still choosing mine. I’ll let you all know once I have settled on it.

What will yours be? I’d love to hear from you — just hit reply and let me know.

By the way, if your word is anything to do with change, purpose, growth, challenge, confidence, enjoyment — then come along to my free masterclass — the Can-Do Formula — sign up for free at this link — it’s running for several dates and times until mid-Jan.

The Happiest New Year to you and your loved ones,

Hannah x


P.S. Want to know previous words of the year? Head to this article for the lowdown.

P.P.S. Want some inspiration on your own word? Here’s 150 suggestions.









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