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(why ‘world wellbeing week’ isn’t the solution)

- Posted byHannah Miller

hello dear reader,

As you open this email, I will be on my way to a mini-break with my husband under the guise of it having just been our 23rd wedding anniversary but to be honest that is just the best excuse we have to get away on our own. I’m not ashamed to say it.

It’s been a really full-on season at Miller-family/Sidekick HQ. Yes, I know I always say this but this one has been especially so. I guess I’m always juggling a lot of balls, but this past couple of months new balls seemed to get added to the pile without my say-so and the balls I am used to juggling got a bit tricky to manage. I dropped many a ball; the parenting ‘keep your cool during exam stress’ ball, the ‘remember we don’t need that food delivery’ ball, the ‘don’t count your work chickens before they have hatched’ ball, the ‘get good sleep ball’, the ‘step away from the biscuits’ ball. Balls dropped left, right and centre. To be fair on myself, there were many balls that I did just about manage to keep in the air, but we don’t often think about those things, right? Always the ones we drop.

How about your wellbeing in the midst of all those to-dos and responsibilities? Just another flipping thing to do and think about. 

And that’s the thing: We get one of the wellbeing balls in order, happily being juggled in amongst the rest of our life responsibilities, and then something comes in like a flying circus knife and, well, we drop all the balls like a real life clown and end up back at square one. Maybe even at square minus one. Then who wants to try again? Not me – so demoralising. Anyone for another hob-nob?


Why do we think that our wellbeing should be linear? That we can tick the ‘mental health’ box and all will then be well all our lives? That we can eat healthy choices for one month and then that’s it forever? That it’s OK to have a job that feels purposeless and meaningless if we make sure we have a quick jog around the park?

Wellbeing is not linear. It is squiggly.

Wellbeing is not one thing. It is everything. 

I am sorry to break it to you, your wellbeing is not a weeklong project. It’s not a month long challenge, or a yearlong endeavour. IT IS FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE. That’s why a quick fix, five day overhaul, detox drill WON’T WORK.

Sorry. I make no apology (yes, I know I just did, but hey, I’m full of paradoxes) that meaningful change in our lives and in our wellbeing takes time – it takes a lifetime. 

So, what’s the good news? 

It’s worth doing something. 

Here’s my advice:

Pick a thing. One thing. Add it into your life. Celebrate the progress you have made one month later. Then tweak again. And track the progress again, and celebrate (or commiserate) again. And keep going. 

If you want to know where to start, please feel free to use our FREE wellbeing tracker tool. It gives you a chance to have a bit of an MOT of yourself, and helps you decide where to start.


And what will I be doing this week to invest in my wellbeing? Switching off from work and reading a good book ☺ 

Asta la vista,

Hannah x


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