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you can’t do it on your own (sorry)

I had an awful work day last week.

- Posted byHannah Miller

I had an awful work day last week.

I did a video about it. 

What happened was quite simply an over-busy day, like we all have, with too much multi-tasking going on, (kids, home, running a business, life admin, a whole day’s course to write and so on) and it needed to go to exactly to plan for me to have any chance of succeeding. Know the feeling?

Spoiler: It didn’t go to plan. The tipping point being that my computer crashed and all the morning’s work vanished.

I didn’t handle it well or proportionately.

I needed to have my laptop prized out of my hands as I was escorted out of the room to go and have a moment with a cup of tea and my thoughts. Thank you husband for dealing with my emotions and thank you friend for sorting out the laptop and thank you kids (still at home at this point) for doing some housework to lessen my load.

Here’s the thing.

There’s so much #inspirational #relatable content out there for leaders, business owners –  much of it (but not exclusively) aimed at women. The general gist tends to be stuff like, ‘Behind every successful woman is herself,’ or, ‘A woman is the full circle,’ or, ‘A successful leader instinctively knows what is best for them.’

It’s just not true. Not for women, not for men. Sorry.

On both good days and especially on the not so good days, we are not everything. We cannot be everything, know everything, do everything. There are people who can do things better than us. People who can help us out.

These quotes and messages sound good and mean well, but they push us towards thinking that we should be able to manage this all ourselves. Good for you if you are managing today, and maybe even tomorrow but I am pretty sure you’re going to need others before too long. And that is EXACTLY how it should be.

Behind every successful woman, leader, man, mother, father, business owner, student, is a whole host of people, cheering them on, offering help, giving advice, sharing expertise.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to have it all within yourself.

Be brilliant at what you do. And let others help you do the rest.

(By the way, due to ANOTHER busy week, and my inability to be superhuman, this was taken from a previous social media post. I’m pretty active on the social channels, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. I’d love to connect with you there, too).

Hannah x

P.S. If you need to ask for some help today, go for it.