Hannah Miller

  • Secret Weapon:
    Client liaison, Gallup® Certified Strengths Coaching, BP10™, Q12®, speaking and workshops
  • Favourite Sidekick:
    Hermione Granger
  • Strengths:
    Woo, Communication, Empathy, Developer, Belief

Writing these bio’s are always a little awkward. Do you write in the third person, like someone else did it for you? This gives you free rein to self-promote without guilt but we all know that really you wrote it yourself. So here’s my attempt.

I have had a wide and varied career so far, following a sort of meandering path rather than a strategic vision. I’m a proud teacher by trade (although that’s not where I started – that was in marketing), I’ve been involved in leading three start-ups, including this business. I enjoy communicating in all its forms and see it is a powerful tool for development. Writing, chatting, interviewing, podcasting, training, speaking to small or large groups, connecting with those I know and those I don’t yet know. It seems I am quite good at it – I was chosen to receive the Vistage Rising Star Award for my speaking in 2019.

I started sidekick because I believe for the world to progress it needs unique, brave and exceptional leaders. Leading their life, their teams, their communities brilliantly. I’ve had the opportunity to support leaders and emerging leaders from all sorts of sectors and backgrounds, using a strengths based approach to development, engagement and finding purpose.

Other things that I love to do that may or may not be of interest: spending time with my three teenage sons and my husband, writing lists, planning trips, running and walking with my dog Pax, drinking tea and telling jokes (badly). 

I’m also deeply passionate about equality – I believe that to have real impact we need to be able to illuminate the paths of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access our services. We reinvest 10% of all real sales – this promise means that by choosing to work with us, our clients are enabling other leaders and entrepreneurs facing the toughest challenges on our planet to bring about real change in their lives and communities.

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