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The Purpose Pursuit

Find your place in the world

Think of this course as your sidekick.

Over ten weeks, together we will discover your unique assignment, and you will be equipped to step forward with confidence into your distinct purpose.

No more second guessing, no more excuses — your new tomorrow starts today.

“It has been a journey of discovery, reflection, soul searching, and honesty . Most of all though it has been a game changer for me. I know myself now better than I ever did, I know how to work to my strengths, when I am most fulfilled and when I am being the best version of me. I understand what I’m not so good at or those things that don’t give me purpose and I can now do less of these. I’m not trying to be all things to all people or well rounded or a people pleaser. I am crafting a life I love. 

I know my DNA and my purpose in life as I move on. I have my moral compass in my back pocket too! My life has been enriched with the friends I have made in the community including Hannah who is a now a friend not just a coach. 

The Purpose Pursuit has been my catalyst for change.
I’m so glad I started out on this journey and the best thing is that it doesn’t end here.”

Jane Lord — Alumni Spring 2021


If you are trying to understand yourself better, and what you have to offer the world
If you’re feeling stuck, at a crossroads in your life and want to make a change
If you’ve lost your confidence and want to get your spark back
If you know that you’ve got more to offer, but you’re just not sure what that is
If you’re wondering if it’s too late, but in your heart you don’t want to settle
If you’re in a career, but wonder what your contribution really looks like
If you’re a graduate, and are wondering what’s next for you
If you’ve taken a career break and wondering about what is next
If you’re feeling a little (or a lot) lost and know it’s time to find your way back
If you love your job, but know you have more to give
If you’re ready to move on
If you’re asking the question, ‘is this it?’ and believe the answer must be no

this course is for you.

By the end of The Purpose Pursuit you will have:

The Purpose Pursuit will give you clarity, courage and unparalleled support as you step into the next season of your life

Your life is a boat.
You need a rudder.
But it doesn’t matter how much wind is in your sails if you’re not steering towards a harbour — an ultimate purpose in your life

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Hannah Miller

Qualified Teacher and Gallup® certified Strengths Coach, Hannah Miller, will guide you through the entire journey, taking everything she has learned from 20 years of developing people to reach their goals, giving you the confidence to take that next step, whether that’s a return to work, a new career, career progression, or something else!

Find out more about Hannah

I loved rediscovering my Strengths. It feels like so much of the time that who I am is buried underneath a pile of washing. This gave me the chance to remember all the things I enjoy, what brings me alive, and what I contribute.

Charlotte McAuslan - Mum of 3 Boys

No more second guessing, no more excuses – your new tomorrow starts today.