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Our Values

Five values that underpin the way we do things

I can be serious about making a difference to you but I don’t have to be serious.

You want to make a change – in your life, in your leadership, in your team. And I love to bring momentum.We can do that together, and we can ENJOY the process at the same time.

Because what’s the point if you don’t enjoy it?

What’s your PURPOSE?

I want you to know your purpose, to live with purpose, lead on purpose.

But IMPACT is also crucial to me. I don’t just want to be an encourager without substance. It’s got to move to ACTION. It’s got to ground you in next steps that you can actually take and live out.

A dear friend of mine calls me a “force of nature.” If that’s the case I hope I can do it on purpose ?

Not extraordinary, but extra ordinary.

I aim to bring something more than what you expect, and more than what you know.
Some insight, wisdom, clarity.

But I’m ordinary. And I’ve decided to embrace this.

No superhero, no special powers, not perfect. I know my stuff, yes, but I’m just another human making my best way through this life to do good and be good at what I do.

Let’s take the pressure off ourselves to be perfect.

Extra Ordinary is a much better goal, don’t you think?

The reason behind the name.

Rather than seeing sidekick as a put down, or as an ‘also ran’, I’m proud to associate with the word. My role, and all we do at sidekick, is about the elevation of others. You. Your team.

I am here to encourage, champion and support you and your team towards greatness. I want to cultivate an ego-free zone which creates the space to deliver insight, encouragement and Strengths-based solutions that really deliver. Illuminating what you do well, how you lead and how you live our your purpose by focusing on your Strengths (not mine).

Less about me and more about you.

⚡️You can be the hero, I’m happy being the sidekick ⚡️

Brave generosity is embodied in two ways: